Men's Foaming Facewash

Men's Foaming Facewash

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150 ml

Energise and clean your skin with a natural face wash that will purge dirt and toxins and leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

The natural oils provide the perfect mixture to deep clean, nourish and fight blemishes with their antimicrobial properties. Antioxidants help act as a skin barrier from the inside out. Chamomile and raw honey act as anti-inflammatory skin softeners, as well as providing brilliant moisturising action.

A little goes a long way, and it will leave your skin healthy, fresh and cleansed.

What's in me?

  • Chamomile: a natural relaxant, chamomile is great for softening skin and muscles.
  • Honey: Honey? Are you serious? Yes! Our locally sourced raw honey is like a skin elixir. It has remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties due to its low pH (it can be applied directly to cuts). It’s particularly good for sensitive skin, and an extremely effective moisturiser. It’s also one of the most effective treatments for any skin blemishes. Legend stuff altogether!
  • Castor Oil (organic): as well as being an effective moisturiser, castor oil’s antimicrobial properties fight acne and other skin blemishes. It’s great for sensitive skin, and its fatty acids nourish all skin types to help create a smooth, hydrated texture.
  • Rosehip Oil (organic): a skincare superstar, rosehip is full of vitamins and antioxidants that help nourish skin, and reduce scars and wrinkle lines. Its essential fatty acids are also brilliant for soothing skin redness.
  • Jojoba Oil (organic): absorbs quickly into the skin to work as effective moisturiser. It also contains various minerals and vitamins that are excellent skin nutrients. As well as being a great treatment for wrinkles and lines, jojoba is also very gentle for sensitive skin.
  • Vitamin E Oil: a great antioxidant to support and repair your skin. It’s also anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling and puffiness.
  • Essential Oils: cedarwood and wild orange
  • An all-natural, organic, vegetable oil liquid soap base