Blemish Roller

Blemish Roller

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From time to time we're all visited by those pesky blemishes. This handy little roller combines the healing properties of castor oil and essential oils, use it as soon as a spot rears its head to significantly reduce redness and inflammation.

What's in me?

  • Castor Oil (organic): as well as being an effective moisturiser, castor oil’s antimicrobial properties fight acne and other skin blemishes. It’s great for sensitive skin, and its fatty acids nourish all skin types to help create a smooth, hydrated texture.
  • Lavender: the soothing, calming, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti aging wonder oil! It helps prevent and heal blemishes, and reduces the appearance of red patches, age spots, skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Frankincense: this oil is a powerful astringent, helping to reduce blemishes and protect the skin.
  • Tea Tree: this exceptional oil has a variety of anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits, and is a recognised treatment for acne and other blemishes.