the tús nua story

Have you ever stopped to look at the list of ingredients on any of the products you use daily? We didn't, for years. If the byline was convincing and it got results, that was good enough. We were swayed by persuasive marketing.

A few years back, we turned a bottle around and tried to read the ingredients on a liquid handsoap. Most of them were unpronouncable, and the list was long. Far too long. We were absolutely horrified at what we found. Virtually everything, including the baby products that we've all trusted for generations, are full of nasty chemicals. There were unnecessary colourants, perfumes and preservatives; and the cleaning ingredients were almost all harsh chemicals.

What's the saying? Don't put anything on your skin you wouldn't be willing to eat. Considering that everything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, sometimes within seconds, our lack of knowledge about what we were using was something we couldn't ignore any more. 

So, we started looking at the various lotions and potions lying around the house, and realised that this little piece of wisdom applied to almost every product we were using, from soap to shampoo to moisturiser, even the kid friendly variety. No matter how expensive, well researched, impressively marketed and packaged, at the end of the day they were all almost entirely synthetic, and virtually none of the list of unpronounceable ingredients were safe for consumption. 

We decided it was to time to change this, and take some control.

All of this led us to looking into alternatives; eventually we figured the best alternative was to make everything ourselves. So, we started doing research - lots and lots of research into oils, exfoliants, essentials oils and more. Then we start to make, experiment, and re-make.

We sourced the purest natural ingredients we could find, and through a process of trial (and lots of error) came up with some really lovely products that we can feel completely confident in using, both because they're remarkably effective, and because there is not one single harmful ingredient in any of them.

We want to share this with you, and we want to do it in the most simple, cost effective way possible.

Tús Nua means New Start, which is exactly what this has been for us. Maybe we can be part of your Tús Nua?!


Fi & Ro