What's not to love about a good scrub?! Face, body, hands, feet - your whole body can benefit from it and it will leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely amazing. Using a scrub is also a wonderfully energising way to start the day, with both the texture of the scrub itself and the invigorating essential oils waking all of your senses. 

Our skin is constantly renewing itself, with the dead cells on the surface shedding to reveal newer skin underneath. While this process occurs naturally, scrubbing will help move it along and also prevent problems such as blocked pores and ingrown hairs. We all tend to have rougher skin on elbows, knees and feet, this can be dramatically improved with the regular use of a scrub. Even the rubbing action of a scrub has benefits, by boosting circulation and increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. 

While the beautiful oils in our body scrubs mean there's no need to moisturise after using them, it's important to remember to moisturise well after using a facial scrub. This ensures your skin is as smooth, healthy, hydrated and nourished as you want it to be. 

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